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COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE can have very difficult obstacles to overcome. Building permits, sign regulations, stormwater issues, grading permits, parking variances, business licenses, architectural review, ingress/egress,…are just a few issues that may need to be addressed. Our team has the experience that gets it done despite the obstacles.  Mistakes are expensive…without proper guidance, some mistakes aren’t even obvious…mistakes of not maximizing square footage, or improving return on investment, or understanding market rents and values…you need someone in your corner. That’s Brian Patton Commercial.

INVESTMENTS: Did you know it takes just two weeks to obtain a real estate license in Georgia? Do you want to leave those important decisions to someone with 14 days of experience? We use our decades of experience to make every effort to maximize the return on your investment, no matter which investment that might be. Why combine real estate and business brokerage? Some business brokers understand little about the real estate side, and many real estate brokers understand practically nothing about the business side. We’ve found that most of our deals involve both. So, why not combine the two disciplines into one cohesive package to maximize your knowledge of the transaction. The more you know, the better decision you can make.

BUSINESS BROKERAGE  takes experience and know-how. Our dedicated team has years of experience valuing businesses and can walk you through the process effortlessly, using our proprietary software and multiple valuation methods.  Not quite ready to sell?  We’ve got that covered too.  We will sit down with you and help you walk along the path to getting the business where it needs to be to find the most qualified buyers.

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"Overall experience, fantastic."
by Jennifer Dickenson
Real Estate Attorney
"The most thorough, efficient, and patient broker I've known..."
by Randy Anders
building owner
"Invaluable assistance...very thankful for him."
by Gea and Luc Boussauw
Office Owners
"Professional, efficient...I was very very pleased."
by Clark Savage
"I put an awful lot of stock in what Brian has to say."
by Carter Barrett
, Community Business Bank

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