5 Reasons Why Your Commercial Agent is Costing you Money – #3

3. He’s a part timer. This is a big one. Commercial real estate is a full-time job. There’s no way around it. Would you hire a doctor that’s part time? Do you want your mechanic to be part time? Why would you hire a commercial agent that’s not full time? A good agent lives and breaths real estate. It’s not unusual for a good commercial agent to work 70 hours per week. The more you work at anything, the better you are at it. A good agent is talking to everyone about real estate. It’s his passion. He’s attending parties and talking about real estate. He talks about it at church or the synagogue. He reads commercial real estate magazines and newsletters. He studies it day and night. He’s on top of his game. If he’s playing two games, he can’t be on the top of either one.

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