Welcome to our Investment Partnership Program.  As successful real estate investors, we understand the need for income producing properties that have long term stable cash flow and strong future equity.  Because of the demand for this type of asset class from our cooperating investors, we have instituted a partnership program.  Under this program, you get special access to our off-market and limited marketed properties.  We scour the broker networks and our investor friends for deals that WE are interested in maintaining a minority ownership interest in.  Through this effort, you will find the BEST properties that we can find.  If we don’t like the deal, then we don’t offer it to our cooperating investors…it’s that simple.  And, you are assured of being at the top of the list to review and purchase these properties.
5 Easy Steps:
1. Find a property to the right that is of interest to you.
2. Upon reviewing some deal points of each property, you may request the Offering Memorandum (OM) package.
3. You will schedule a conference call with both the managing partners, Brian Patton and Adam Whitmire.
4.  If you decide to move forward, you will execute an Investment Partnership Program Agreement that outlines the ownership terms with Brian and Adam.
5.  You will make an offer through one of our in-house real estate brokers.
Typical terms for ownership:
  • Cooperating Investor (you)  80% ownership
  • Managing Partners (Brian and Adam) 20% depending upon the deal, but to be determined prior to an offer being made and outlined with the Offering Memorandum.
  • Managing Partners to retain a brokerage engagement letter with the partnership for future sale of the asset.

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